We're one of FastCompany's 2021 Most Innovative Design Companies!


We're one of FastCompany's 2021  Most Innovative Design Companies!

meet the team

I bring 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries and my work and opinions in this space have been written about in Slate, Fortune, ELLE Magazine, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post. More importantly, the HmntyCntrd team and I are incredibly passionate about building more holistically human-centered leaders through community, coaching, & courses.

Vivianne Castillo



About HmntyCntrd

Coming from a counseling and human services background, where I tackled issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion, I recognize that while we can’t control what is happening around us, we can control what’s happening within us and how we proactively work and address deeply human problems to improve the world around us for the better.

My hope for our programs and community is to bring together UX professionals who want to move beyond the jargon and cliches of our industry so that we can create an equitable, inclusive and more humanity-centered future. 

By joining HmntyCntrd, you become a member of a community that is the future of our field, a community that will create new conversations, opportunities, and practices that will deepen and revolutionize the way human-centered experiences are defined.

Here's to choosing courage over comfort.

I’ve always struggled with the jargon and cliches of our industry around being human-centered.

My Background

There is no HmntyCntrd without the work that Samantha does behind the scenes! You'll find her engaging closely with the backend needs of current and prospective members & bringing structure and order to the rest of the HmntyCntrd team!

Administrative assistant

Samantha Villanueva (she/her)

Meet the Team

Alba is one of our Facilitators for both the live and self-paced Humanity-Centered Masterclass and spearheads research initiatives that help us better serve the community. She is an independent User Experience Researcher who specializes in designing for the social sector. Her projects focus on underserved populations such as refugees, low-income parents, and formerly incarcerated youth. In addition to working with community organizations, she has also worked on projects with the Harvard Kennedy School and Rochester City School District.

facilitator & researcher

Alba Villamil (she/her)

Behzod is one of our guest educators for the live Humanity-Centered Masterclass. He is an independent researcher and consultant who helps people bring rigor to their curiosity. He currently runs Yet Another Studio, where he works with organizations to develop intentional, responsible, and sustainable practices of learning.

Guest facilitator


As one of our Community Designers, Moon is helping HmntyCntrd™ better sense and response to the needs of the community and our members learn how to connect with each other and themselves in more authentic and holistic ways. They're a Social Worker turned Product Designer who loves working with authentic people who aren’t afraid to take risks, speak up, be kind, or be themselves. Moon thrives in creative environments with a culture that is structured in self-care, collaboration, balance, and growth through failure; a culture that integrates decolonized and intersectional design principles; and most importantly, a culture that has fun together.

Community Designer

Moon moua (she/they)

Robin Counts brings incredible experience as a facilitator and researcher focused on anti-oppression, especially related to gender, class, and race to her role as a Community Designer.  She leads the efforts in developing and implementing strategies and methods that incorporate accountability and community so that real change and growth can continue to happen for our members after their cohort experiences.

Community Designer

robin counts (she/HER)