Healing Conversations

A Guide to Overcoming Unspoken Hardships in the Workplace 

Get Unstuck, Take Control, and Rebuild Your Path Forward with the 5-Week Experience:

The Healing Conversation Course is a restorative, trauma-informed training that utilizes the power of community and provides you with practical tools for developing the skills needed to overcome workplace difficulties and hardship.

We'll help you put your best self forward and thrive instead of survive at work.

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WORK WITH AN AWARD-WINNING ORGANIZATION with trauma-informed expertise and experience working in corporations and non-profits

JOIN A COMMUNITY OF PROFESSIONALS who have gone through what you have and can offer advice and support on the process of healing

OVERCOME PAINFUL WORKPLACE EXPERIENCES and start thriving and regaining control of your personal and professional life

GAIN PRACTICAL TOOLS AND RESOURCES that you need to kick-start your personal growth and healing journey

5 In-Depth Modules Taught Live-Remote

Personalized small group sessions 

Curated resources, books, podcasts, and articles to spark your growth & creative ambition

1 year membership to the HmntyCntrd® Community on an ad-free, private social media platform

Monthly programming / events related to being more human in our work

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Is This Course For Me?

It’s easy to feel like you have no control over this and even that you might never heal – but that’s not true.

You deserve to thrive in your workplace. 

You deserve the right to heal your pain and regain your sense of self, control, and the freedom of unfettered professional possibilities.

Whatever path led you here, one thing’s for certain: something needs to change...immediately.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself or your profession?

Have you experienced a difficult or toxic workplace experience and are struggling to heal from it?

Do you feel frustrated and stuck when you’re encouraged you to bring your whole self to work because you feel like there are parts of you that you should leave at home?

Do you feel like the human-aspect of work is often placed on the back burner, often in service of what is ... comfortable?

Are you struggling with how to support yourself and your colleagues in the midst burnout, stress, and trauma?

Do you wish you had a community of folks who could support and encourage you through your workplace difficulties?

Healing Conversations was created for you.

Choices aren’t always easy – and some can come with pain, especially in our careers when confronted by choices with heavy moral dilemmas and unresolved issues that can become problematic. Every choice has consequences, which can lead to the silence of fear, even paralysis when your core beliefs and moral values are being violated.

In this module, we explore the diverse situations that can lead to the distressing crunch-time of a painful decision that conflicts with your moral values. You’ll also gain access to mental tools, strategies, and resources you can use to ground yourself and reconnect with those values.

‣ Learn how the workplace can foster moral injuries and how they arise
‣ Understand how moral injuries can affect collaboration and workplace culture
‣ Gain trauma-informed ideas and tools to start healing from moral injuries
‣ Reconnect with your values and let them guide you in all situations

Overcoming Moral Injury in the Workplace

Module 1

Every day we go into work, we adopt our professional persona, leaving fragments of our ‘unprofessional’ personality at home. Although this may seem normal, we create micro-misalignments that can manifest in feeling like we’re not truly right for a job and even a disconnected feeling toward your work. These misalignments can negatively impact your mental health and can even impact the quality of your work. Can we really bring our authentic self into capitalistic environments?

In this module, we will focus on embracing authentic personal values in the workplace as part of a balanced self that makes your core identity a part of everything that you do professionally.

‣ Explore your personal values and discover what matters to you in the workplace
‣ Discover a holistic perspective that informs how you balance yourself at work
‣ Understand what makes you tick and how to leverage this to stay engaged
‣ Embrace a process of self-honor and self-compassion

Embracing Personal Values & Authenticity at Work

Module 2

Trauma is a natural response to a lack of understanding from others that can manifest in harmful, even self-destructive behavior with negative consequences for all involved. While we may think of trauma as something that happens to people, it also happens at an organizational level, creating a toxic atmosphere of unsafe behaviors with a leadership blind to the wounds that impact work performance and, ultimately, company growth.

In this module, we focus on understanding what dynamics drive organizational trauma and how this affects both individual workers and teams. At the same time, you’ll get the tools you need to start healing these wounds and introduce a healthier workplace.

‣ Gain an understanding of organizational trauma through framework modeling
‣ Explore the role that leadership plays when organizational trauma flourishes
‣ Become an agent of change in advocating for the trauma-informed workplace
‣ Access intervention and prevention tools to use to combat workplace trauma

Moving Towards a Trauma-Informed Workplace

Module 3

Our workplaces prioritize productivity, and our ambition answers – but what about the hidden costs? Workplace pressures combined with unrealistic demands lead to stress, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and even life-threatening health issues such as heart disease. Success is good, but our quality of life is far more important at work and at home.

In this module, we focus on self-care through self-awareness and empathy – not just for ourselves but also for our colleagues. In a competitive, business-focused workplace, these simple things are often overlooked, but their implementation can have a significant positive impact.

‣ Gain skills that confer greater self-awareness and empathy in the workplace
‣ Learn how to embrace your workplace humanity to dodge apathy and burnout
‣ Get the tools and resources you need to avoid stressful workplace situations
‣ Understand why self-sabotage isn’t about failure but a result of internal conflict

Enhance Your Workplace Self-Awareness and Empathy

Module 4

There is plenty of talk about diversity, equality, and inclusion. Unfortunately, many corporations are still crawling on the floor of lip service when it comes to making tangible change. Progressing these ideals can feel like an overwhelming burden – especially when there are difficult (and sometimes controversial) issues that people don’t want to talk about; it can feel easier (and a nice PR win) to focus on more softball, safe issues.

In this module, we won’t hold back. Instead, we’ll go straight to the heart of those controversial, unsafe issues for a genuine conversation to gain a more profound knowledge of just why these issues are so entrenched – and how to move past them meaningfully.

‣ Examine the real reasons behind corporations focusing on the wrong metrics
‣ Understand the complex reasons behind performative allyship and gaslighting
‣ Learn how to use employee resource groups to fight back against inequality
‣ Gain resources and practical tools to advocate toward genuine progress in the workplace

Unpacking Unspoken Conversations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Module 5

Take back control with a restorative, trauma-informed course that provides practical tools for thriving in the workplace.

What's Inside The Course

Hmntycntrd® — A FastCompany Most Innovative Design Company

This 5-Week Experience is Designed By:

We have in-depth experience in trauma-informed care and in navigating the complexities of corporate environments

Healing Conversations is exclusively taught through a community-based setting of shared experiences. Our instructors are experienced in trauma-informed care, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and navigating the complexities and hardships of capitalistic systems.

Vivianne Castillo brings 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries whose work and opinions have been written about in Slate, Fortune, Huffington Post, Fast Company, and ELLE Magazine. Prior to her career in the UX & Tech Industry, Vivianne worked primarily in the arenas of human services and counseling, where she tackled issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion.

These days she’s dedicating the bulk of her time to helping UX & Tech professionals do the personal work required to do their best professional work, coaching executives and teams on how to create sustainable equitable cultures, and helping professionals choose courage over comfort in the workplace.

Founder @ HmntyCntrd®

Vivianne Castillo (she/her)

Taught using the latest data-driven, research-informed content, Healing Conversations is at the forefront of this much-needed restorative conversation for corporations and their employees.

our approach is holistic, Research-driven & Trauma-informed

A LITTLE ABOUT Your facilitator

Great question! No, this is not therapy or group therapy. Oftentimes, mental health professionals lend their knowledge and expertise to other disciplines for the betterment of us all. In this course we are bringing you that perspective combined with a wealth of information based on research and experiences reported in the UX and Tech Industry as well. 

The information and principles are certainly therapeutic and we think this course offers a great deal of benefits, both for your professional life and your mental health. What we're creating is an experience designed to empower you with information and awareness. You will be able to apply this to improve your experience as a working professional. You might also see how these principles can be generalized to other parts of your life (we certainly hope so)!

Q:Is this therapy or group therapy?


A: Yes! If you feel disconnected from yourself or your profession, if you have experienced a difficult or toxic workplace experience and are struggling to heal from it, or anything like these difficulties, then this course is for you.

Q: is this still for me if I don't work in ux or tech?


A: Those who want to get the most out of the course should expect to spend ~ 2 hours a week over the course of 5 weeks. 

~1.5 hours participating in a live module with built in small group time with your personalized pods 

~30min: Engaging in the coursework and challenges provided to you at the end of each module

Q: My time is limited. When are the modules presented and how much time will I need to set aside each week for the content? 


A: Don't worry, we got you covered! We know that people have different learning styles, so we deliver the content to you in multiple ways. You can watch the course recordings on the platform, download the slides from the course and review it on your own, or you can engage the audio recording of the course modules on your own time! There you have it, three different ways for you to digest the content and continue on your professional and personal growth journey.

Q: How is the content delivered? Are you flexible to different learning styles?


A: There's no pre-work but there will be homework during this cohort experience! Homework will vary with each module and will be a mix of readings, discussions, personal-reflection activities, and more.

Q: Will there be any pre-work or homework for this?


A: Now you'll have access to the course content and can continue to grow in the online community. We'll have monthly themes and discussions, guest speakers from new and innovative voices, opportunities for member of the community to give (and practice!) their own talks around deeper human-centered issues, live Q&A and AMA sessions with your hosts and peers, and more!

This course includes 1 year of membership into the HmntyCntrd community. After a year, it'll be $250/year to have access to the community, guest speakers, & events!

Q: what happens after I finish the 5-week course?


A: Don't worry, we have your back! We offer a 7-day refund policy after the day 1st day of your cohort.

We want to make sure that you're able to fully invest in yourself, so if after 7 days from the start time of your first module you feel like this isn't a fit for you at this time, we will give you a full refund!

If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at hello@hmntycntrd.com and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days!

Q: I think I’m in! But what if I join and then realize this isn't for me? 


We got answers!

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