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Begin the journey of transforming the status quo of what it means to be human-centered in our work, our industry and our personal lives through this dynamic, one-of-a-kind course.

The Self-Paced Humanity-Centered Masterclass

Be a part of a supportive community of people you can safely grow with & learn from?

Learn how to craft genuinely inclusive & equitable user experiences?

Become more confident talking about hard subjects and answering questions that don’t have easy or obvious answers?

We serve professionals who are disillusioned with the status quo in the UX & Tech Industry and who want to help it live up to its ideals of empathy and inclusion. Do you want to:

Our Purpose

Gain the language and frameworks needed to better influence and advocate for people in profit-centric conversations?

We offer a 5-week live dynamic course that helps professionals in UX & Tech deepen their awareness and practices in navigating deeper human-centered topics with humility, openness and courage so that we can understand how to craft equitable, inclusive experiences, know how to navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers and transform the status quo of what it means to be human-centered in our professional & personal lives. 

The Humanity-Centered Masterclass


Build a life-changing foundation for becoming more human-centered towards yourself and the people your work impacts.

Come for the Course

You'll have the option to join the HmntyCntrd community at the completion of your course materials! This would provide you access to a growing online community (on a private, ad-free platform) of growth-oriented professionals, monthly discussion themes, curated resources, new & innovative voices, guest speakers, thought-provoking conversations, professional networking and more!

Stay for the Community

"To call Vivianne Castillo a mere 'user experience researcher' is to miss the power of her world view."

Ellen McGirt

Senior Editor @ Fortune,
Co-Chair of The CEO Initiative

I bring 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries and my work and opinions in this space have been written about in Slate, Fortune, ELLE Magazine, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post.

I’ve always struggled with the jargon and cliches of our industry around being human-centered. Coming from a counseling and human services background, where I tackled issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion, I recognize that while we can’t control what is happening around us, we can control what’s happening within us and how we proactively work and address deeply human problems to improve the world around us for the better.

My hope for this course and community is to bring together UX and Tech professionals who want to move beyond the jargon and cliches of our industry so that we can create an equitable, inclusive and more humanity-centered future. 

By joining HmntyCntrd, you become a member of a community that is the future of our field, a community that will create new conversations, opportunities, and practices that will deepen and revolutionize the way human-centered experiences are defined.

Here's to choosing courage over comfort.

I'm Vivianne Castillo!

meet the Founder of hmntycntrd®

she/her | Twitter: @vcastillo630

The Humanity-Centered Masterclass is made possible by a small team of amazing people dedicated to challenging the status quo within UX & Tech through intentional, practical & thoughtful support to its members.

Vivianne Castillo, Alba Villamil, and Behzod Sirjani leverage their intersectional expertise across counseling, sociology, and UX to create unique tools and training that support all the aspects of your personal and professional development.

our approach to
uX is holistic

A LITTLE ABOUT our facilitators

Alba Villamil (she/her)

Alba N. Villamil is an independent User Experience Researcher who specializes in designing for the social sector. Her projects focus on underserved populations such as refugees, low-income parents, and formerly incarcerated youth. In addition to working with community organizations, she has also worked on projects with the Harvard Kennedy School and Rochester City School District.


Twitter: @beh_zod

Behzod Sirjani is an independent researcher and consultant who helps people bring rigor to their curiosity. He currently runs Yet Another Studio, where he works with organizations to develop intentional, responsible, and sustainable practices of learning. Prior to the studio, Behzod led Research Operations at Slack and was a Senior UX Researcher at Facebook, where he co-founded the Research Associates Program

Our core principles lie in creating a better future for ourselves and our industry.

Before we begin the work of transforming the status quo of what it means for UX professionals to be human-centered in our work, our industry, and our personal lives, we must first cover skills and practices that will help engage in deeper conversations, new opportunities, and new growth.

Facilitator: Vivianne

Community Core Principles

Module 1

Cultural humility is rooted in a deep awareness and respect toward individuals of other cultures. But to do this, we face the challenges of our own cultural biases and prejudices, as well as the fact that we cannot possibly know everything about other cultures.

What we can do, though, is approach learning about the experiences as a lifelong goal and process that helps us grow personally and professionally. We’ll cover topics like emotional resistance (e.g. anxiety, defensiveness, anger, guilt, remorse, etc) how to handle emotional responses to self-revelations and accountability, the impact shame and guilt on our growth journeys, and more.

Facilitator: Vivianne


Module 2

UX professionals commonly engage with the topic of enough, whether it’s self-oriented as in “Am I having good enough?” or project-oriented as in “Will this have enough impact?” These questions can be worth engaging in because we should be reflective and critical of ourselves and our practice. However they can be problematic when they are driven by fear and a scarcity mindset. In this module, we acknowledge the impact that fear and a scarcity mindset can have on us and our practices and identify ways that we can overcome these feelings to adopt an abundance mindset. We will discuss ways that an abundance mindset enables you, your team, and your organization to be more human-centered, and share strategies for cultivating this mindset in your own practice.

Facilitator: Behzod


Module 3

As the design industry has evolved, so have our ethical challenges. How do we ensure that our tools and processes don’t expose users to more harm than good? How do we balance stakeholder needs with our desire to produce more inclusive, equitable designs? How do we hold ourselves accountable for past and current work? We’ll explore resources you can use to develop your own professional ethical stance and navigate these challenges.

We’ll cover the tools and resources you need to develop your own professional ethical stance with context and systems in mind.

Facilitator: Alba

The New Challenges of Ethical Research & Design

Module 4

Take in all the misconceptions people have of what you do, add the stressful process of conducting quality research within a given timeframe and budget, combine that with the struggle for power and influence within our teams and between stakeholders, sprinkle in your personal problems and professional insecurities, and add the difficulties of burnout, self-care, and compassion fatigue.

Bring all this together, and you’ll realize how many struggles and roadblocks UX professionals face on the path to creating effective, human-centered solutions. Let’s learn how to overcome them.

Facilitator: Vivianne

The Unspoken Hardships of the UX Professional

Module 5

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What's Inside The Course

We've worked with professionals from
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Sara Wachter-Boettcher

"Our industry is facing a long-overdue reckoning—one that demands changes to our values, team norms, and design processes. To do that, we need every UX professional to learn new skills—like facing tough conversations, deepening their cultural awareness, and holding themselves and each other accountable. That’s why I think HmntyCntrd is so crucial right now—and a worthy investment for any team."

Author of Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech

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Making the Change Real


“HmntyCntrd is without question what we as creators and designers of the future need: a space to come together to connect and develop ourselves and our creative process in a way that moves us forward toward actualization rather than traps us in a never-ending inertia loop of tech-enabled human suffering. It cannot have come at a more crucial and impactful time.”

Director of Equitable Design & Impact @ Culture Amp

alec levin

“This initiative is long overdue. For a long time we’ve been talking the talk of being human-centred, but not doing the work and that’s about to change. The team at HmntyCntrd has the experience, resilience, and dedication required to help move the UX industry forward to a place of understanding and thoughtfulness towards others. This is a great opportunity for all of us to learn to be better designers, researchers, and people.”

CEO & Co-Founder @ UXR Collective


"I was slightly nervous to enter the cohort with a not-so-traditional UX background as I have 8+ years of integrating DEI into talent management systems. I finally feel like I found 'my people.' These people being folx who care about integrating ethics, DEI into design principles and practices. Ultimately, I found myself in a community of people who challenge the status quo and who seek to build differently - to build for all. The curriculum, the facilitators, and the design of the session simply reflected that."

Manager, Talent Experience @ Salesforce

Cristen Torrey

“Like most researchers working closely with product development teams, I am deeply committed to listening to people and building tools that improve their lives. But it's not enough, and I aspire to do more to address structural inequality wherever I can. I want to build products that redistribute power. I want to build research teams where everyone belongs. I want to connect with research participants around the world in ways that go beyond the transactional. Wanting isn't the same as doing, and reading about inequity isn't the same as fighting it. I'm excited about HmntyCntrd, because it's a chance to talk, reflect, and engage in a dialogue with a supportive community.”

Director of Research @ Figma

Jared spool

"OMG! I learned so many new ways of thinking about my work. I'm focusing more on equity and inclusion in all aspects of my research and design work, making sure I'm taking the lived experiences of others into account. I’m so grateful for HmntyCntrd for giving me the opportunity to see the world in a new way."

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Center Centre-UIE

A: Sure! If extending empathy is a part of your job or you're curious about how to help others in more intentional, thoughtful ways, then feel free to join! This course and community is specifically tailored towards UX and Tech professionals, so think of it as a human-centered bootcamp.

Q: I'm not a UX OR TECH professional or A student; is this still for me?


A: Nope! Think of the online course as part of the onboarding into the community. Before we begin the work of transforming the status quo of what it means for professionals to be human-centered in our work, our industry, and our personal lives, we must first cover skills and practices that will help engage in deeper conversations, new opportunities, and new growth.

Q: Can I just join the community without doing the course? 


A: Those who want to get the most out of the course should expect to spend ~ 1.5 hours a week over the course of 5 weeks. 

~1 hour: watching a module and their sub-lessons each week

~30min: Engaging in the coursework and challenges provided to you at the end of each module

Q: My time is limited. When are the modules presented and how much time will I need to set aside each week for the content? 


A: Don't worry, we have your back! We offer a 7-day refund policy after you purchase your course.

We want to make sure that you're able to fully invest in yourself, so if after 7 days from your purchase you feel like this isn't a fit for you at this time, we will give you a full refund!

If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at hello@hmntycntrd.com and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days!

Q: I think I’m in! But what if I join and then realize this isn't for me? 


We got answers!

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