Values & Code of Conduct

The vocabulary we are using in this document are aligned to the definitions and explanations mentioned in Tatiana Mac’s Self-Defined, “a modern dictionary about us.” Please reference it if you need clarification on the words and language that follow.

Last Updated on December 2021

Who Do Our Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements Apply To

Our Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements apply to everyone working with HmntyCntrd or taking part in any HmntyCntrd event or course. HmntyCntrd employees, contractors, volunteers, speakers, members, exhibitors, sponsors and vendors are protected by and expected to align themselves to Our Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements. We are all accountable in how we treat one another.

The vocabulary we are using in this document are aligned to the definitions and explanations mentioned in Tatiana Mac’s Self-Defined, “a modern dictionary about us.” Please reference it if you need clarification on the words and language that follow.

The Values We Want to Live Out in Our Community

+ Be supportive. Encourage and support your fellow members. No one here is looking for your criticism, cynicism, or heavy advice. (We can get those things on the rest of the Internet).

+ Be curious, not judgmental. 
Share generously. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

+ Strive for balance. If you never contribute we'll be deprived of your experience and wisdom. If you "over-share" or monopolize we'll be compassionate but may ask you to set limits.  

+ Be constructive. We’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay open.

+ Respect confidentiality. If and when someone shares sensitive information on a personal or professional level, please do not share it outside of our community. Being both vulnerable and safe is essential to our mutual success. 

+ Don’t spam, denigrate, or troll. HmntyCntrd exists to help you learn how to navigate conversations with humility, openness and courage. It’s not a place to spam, judge, or bully anyone else. Please read the “Behavior we will NOT tolerate” section of Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements for additional guidance.

+ Be mindful of the difference between informing and selling. We're all doing exciting things from time to time, and as community members we'll want to know. It's perfectly cool to share what you're up to, and our ask is that there not be specific sales links, offers, or pitches. If people want to contact you to learn more about doing business with you, they can do that through private messaging, and then continue the conversation outside the network.

The Values We Want to Live Out With Our Guest Speakers

+ We will pay a speaker honorarium for each and every guest speaker (unless they are a speaker from one of our Sponsors per the Sponsorship agreement and benefits). We will pay equally across all speakers and do not support celebrity speakers getting paid more.

+ Speakers will not need to join HmntyCntrd to be a guest speaker. We don’t believe in or champion pay-to-play practices.
We will have live captioning available using speech recognition software for captioning, not just for our guest speaker webinars, but for all modules and recordings within HmntyCntrd. This is for the benefit of everyone, including individuals who may have difficulty hearing, have different ways of processing information, have difficulty focusing, have English as their second language, and more.

+ No all white panels. No all white speakers. We will diversify our panels and guest speaker lineup across gender identity, race, mental and physical ability, orientation, expression, etc..

+ We will not engage in the censorship of our guest speaker’s content, written, verbal, or visual. Nor will we require you to use our branded templates. This isn’t about us. This is about you and the brilliance you bring. 

Behaviors We Will Not Tolerate

HmntyCntrd will not tolerate harassment - direct or indirect - under any circumstances. We will not and do not tolerate any form of bigotry or hatred within any HmntyCntrd course, channel, event, or platform. We expect cooperation from all those involved to help ensure a safer space for everybody.

We will not tolerate:

+ Intimidation, violence or threats of violence toward another person
Incitement of violence towards any individual, including encouraging a person to commit suicide or to engage in self-harm

+ Deliberate misgendering or use of ‘dead’ or rejected names

+ Deliberate “outing” of any aspect of a person’s identity without their consent except as necessary to protect other members or other vulnerable people from intentional abuse

+ Offensive comments, discriminatory jokes or language related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neurotype, physical appearance, body, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language or religion

+ Unwelcome comments regarding a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including those related to food, health, parenting, drugs, and employment

+ Conversations, presentations, or offensive commentary that demonstrate racism, ableism, misogyny, misogynoir, transphobia, xenophobia, transmisogyny, transmisogynoir, homophobia, biphobia, classism, fatphobia, body shaming, or colorism; aggressive or offensive commentary based on one’s faith will also not be tolerated

+ Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, taking pictures or recording without permission

+ Inappropriate or unwanted physical contact, simulated physical contact (e.g. textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop) or sexual attention

+ Inappropriate social contact, such as requesting or assuming inappropriate levels of intimacy with others

+ Sharing another member’s contributions on the platform without permission (e.g. screenshots of member’s posts, private messages, etc.)

+ Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior

Members asked to stop any harassing behavior should comply immediately. If a member engages in harassing behavior, HmntyCntrd may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or removal from the HmntyCntrd course, event, or platform with no refund. If you are removed, you can not enter again.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact us at

Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements | Violations by HmntyCntrd Staff

If a HmntyCntrd staff member engages in harassing behavior, please do not hesitate to contact another member of the HmntyCntrd team. They will take the appropriate action including warning the offender, expulsion from the event/course or immediate withdrawal from their HmntyCntrd duties.

Credits and Acknowledgements

Portions of this Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements were significantly derived from the Codes of Conduct of UK Afrotech Fest, UXRConf, Geek Feminism, Flip Brown and the XOXO Community Code of Conduct.

And a huge thank you to Tatiana Mac and the work she put into her speaker rider; we gratefully adopted portions from it when writing the section titled “The Values We Want to Live Out With Our Guest Speakers.”

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This Community Values and Code of Conduct Agreements is a living document. If you think anything is missing, or could be made clearer, please contact