Mobilizing leaders who desire more equitable, human-centered approaches to work and well-being.

HmntyCntrd® is an award-winning organization that's committed to transforming the status quo of being human-centered through courses, community, and consulting.

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what we do

Hey, Tired-of-the-Status-Quo:

Ready to gain the practical tools and clarity needed to deepen your professional & personal growth?

HmntyCntrd will help you become more confident and skilled at being more ethical and equitable in your profession, understand how to create trauma-informed and care-centered teams and organizational cultures, and learn how to prioritize your well-being and the well-being of others. We leverage our intersectional expertise across counseling, sociology, UX, and intercultural communication to create unique tools and training to support people in their commitment to personal and professional growth.

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Courses and Cohorts

We offer self-paced courses and live cohorts designed to help you personally and professionally flourish.



Join one of the most diverse, inclusive, and supportive professional growth communities that exists today when you sign up for one of our courses or cohorts!



Equity-centered trainings and trauma-informed programs designed to leave a lasting impact on teams & organizations.


HmntyCntrd Made FastCompany's List of Top 10 Most Innovative Design Companies!

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I’m Vivianne castillo

I'm the Founder of HmntyCntrd®,  a counseling & human service professional who made a career switch into the UX and Tech Industry, a recovering-from-corporate-America Black woman, an absurdly passionate self-care advocate, a resident of the land where the pizza runs deep, an adaptable and ambitious pragmatic, and am committed to choosing courage over comfort in every facet of my life.

The HmntyCntrd team and I are passionate about leveraging our intersectional expertise across counseling, sociology, business, intercultural communication, and design to create unique tools and training that support all the aspects of personal and professional development.

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equitable innovation consultant. Researcher. Humanity in Tech Advocate-Warrior, Enneagram 3w2. Founder of HmntyCntrd®


"Our industry is facing a long-overdue reckoning — one that demands changes to our values, team norms, and design processes ... That’s why I think HmntyCntrd is so crucial right now—and a worthy investment for any team."



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