HmntyCntrd Event Recordings

We offer we-aint-afraid-to-go-there half-day events that cover questions that aren't easy to discuss in the workplace or easy to find on Google. 

We work with boundary-pushing voices who are helping the Design & Tech Industry lean into depth and maturity required to be more human-centered in our personal and professional lives. 

Missed one of our events? Grab the video & audio  recordings, the extended resource list, and more below!

Critique as a Signal of Hope

When we look out into the UX community, we see a tired community, we see a frustrated community, we see a part of the community who has grown tired of all this talk around being human-centered while working in environments that struggle to be truly human-centered in ways that acknowledge privilege, power, and injustice.

There is plenty to critique — but there is plenty to hope for too. 

Let's lean into both together.


Lifting the Curtain on Ethical Theater

Ethics has become a buzzword in the design industry. But what happens when our dedication to ethical “best practices” is nothing more than a performance, a way to spotlight our goodness while masking harm?

If we truly want to challenge the status quo, we need to lift the curtain on ethical theater.

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Committing To The Future In Times Of Crisis

We live in a world of constant crisis. As our design work fails to respond to—and in some cases even actively causes—societal harm, we must push through the hopelessness and cultivate a new set of skills and practices. 

We often talk about how to develop a better work ethic. But what if instead we focused on how to develop a better future ethic and a commitment to designing futures that don’t yet feel possible?